Edu-Cater Pro programs encompass a variety of activities designed to help organizations overcome challenges encountered at various stages of development.


Our programs include various services:

  • Makassed Curriculum Adoption: Supporting schools in adopting and implementing the Makassed curriculum and education system
  • Educational Institution Management: Assisting and supervising institutions in various aspects of management and development of their units
  • International Accreditation Guidance: Providing guidance to institutions seeking international accreditation
  • Child Protection Policy Program: Offering schools a comprehensive psychological support program for students at all stages. Additionally, the specialized supervisory team monitors and supervises the program implementation in the school and conducts an ongoing evaluation of this program
  • Induction Programs for Leaders and Teachers: Structured support for new teaching staff, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles. This comprehensive and ongoing process is designed to alleviate initial anxiety among staff, enhance their knowledge, and improve their skills. It is designed to train and support new leaders and teachers professionally for their responsibilities and duties
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring high standards through rigorous and ongoing improvement
  • Special Education: Assisting schools in integrating students with learning difficulties
  • Technology Integration: Programs for effective tech use in learning environments
  • Development of data analysis teams, coordinators’ councils, and professional learning communities at the school level
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